Wind Energy Solutions - Increase Wind Farm Efficiency with Real-time and Historical Data

ITS is an independent systems integrator, specialising in the design and implementation of a range of wind energy solutions and complementary services, to improve the reliability and performance of wind farm facilities. ITS is dedicated to quickly turning vast amounts of real-time and historical data into valuable information that drives continuous improvement in this sector.

ITS offers the following wind energy solutions:

ITS has evaluated the market and technology, and partnered with ICONICS to bring its award-winning, feature-rich and platform-independent wind energy solutions to the wind energy sector. In its 25th year, ICONICS is represented in over 60 countries and has more than 250,000 product installations worldwide. Built on Microsoft .NET technology and designed to leverage Windows 7 visualisation capabilities, ICONICS’ solutions are designed for the complete operation of wind farms.

ICONICS provides GEO productivity portals, energy analysis and monitoring solutions, data historians and reporting technology, designed for specific applications such as wind farm management; offers GEO SCADA, with updates for integrating meteorological information; features alarm management with instant alerts, and provides standards-based OPC connectivity, which means the solutions will work seamlessly with your existing technology.

ITS delivers the following benefits to the wind energy sector using ICONICS leading-edge wind energy solutions:

  • Quickly understand your operations and make informed decisions
  • Rich personalised portal and web browser visualisation
  • Real-time and historical information drives continuous improvement
  • Extensive ad hoc and scheduled reporting delivered where and when needed
  • Intuitive analytics help achieve your business strategy and goals

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