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Fault Detection & Diagnostics Systems

The system displays turbine faults in a 3D graphical format and automatically records the fault details, turbine availability, and generation in real-time.

Using the alarm dashboard operators can click on an alarm and drill down to examine and control the status of the turbine.

The system can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. With this data, users can identify inefficiencies, plan maintenance activities and respond quickly to problems.

ITS offers ICONICS’ Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) solutions, to identify equipment and energy inefficiencies, and provide possible causes that help in predicting and improving wind farm operations.

Easily customisable web portals enable comprehensive, personalised visibility of your operations, maintenance and financial information, to help make decisions. With an ITS Fault Detection and Diagnostics System you can visualise your enterprise from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Using Fault Detection & Diagnostics technology wind farm operators can predict critical equipment faults before they occur. If faults do occur, the systems can provide a list of causes sorted by probability, to facilitate quick resolution and minimise downtime.

ICONICS’ Fault Detection & Diagnostics solutions, integrated by ITS, offer the following key benefits to the wind energy sector:

  • Predict, reduce and eliminate equipment downtime before it happens
  • Reduce equipment downtime and improve operational efficiency by 50%
  • Be notified “anywhere, anytime and on any platform” with Microsoft Silverlight®
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs through asset optimisation
  • Real-time alerts of faults using email, SMS messages and web browsers
  • Advanced notification of probable causes for improved reliability and control

Designed around the ISA S95 standard for data exchange, ITS’ Fault Detection and Diagnostics’ solutions provide the following features:

  • Role-based portal for analysis and forecasting
  • Enterprise performance reporting
  • Integration of financial and operational data
  • Interfaces with MS SQL, SAP, Oracle, IBM
  • Uses Microsoft SharePoint® collaboration and social networking technology

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