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Wind Farm Management Information Systems

The system displays wind farm performance and KPI data including generation, farm availability and number of maintenance issues and faults.

The system records weather information from external sources and the graphs show the correlation between generation and wind conditions.

The system can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. With this data, you can monitor your KPIs and optimise the performance of your wind farm.

ITS offers ICONICS’ wind farm management information solutions that translate equipment and process data into actionable intelligence for decision makers at all levels. Coordinating the connectivity of disparate sources and platforms, ITS’ solutions gather and record real-time data from multiple processes and automatically present the data in easy-to-understand visual summaries, including dashboards and reports.

For large wind farms with multiple locations, the management information systems visualise trends, perform root-cause analyses, and identify opportunities for performance improvements across facilities. Real-time alert notification provides instant information about process exceptions and KPI tolerance deviations, enabling personnel to respond quickly before the issues impact on business performance.

Wind farm managers and owners are provided with accurate, real-time information from all enterprise systems, enabling them to make informed improvements to their processes and applications to move towards Operational Excellence.

The wind farm management information systems enable the user to easily track real-time key performance indicators such as uptime, equipment effectiveness, operating costs, energy production as well as reporting correlating factors, such as temperature, wind speeds, wind direction and number of weather days.

ICONICS’ BizViz suite of management information and analytics technology offers the following powerful features to the wind energy sector:

  • Thin-client web-based configuration
  • Configurable Key Performance Indicators
  • Automated and on-demand reporting
  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Real-time alert notifications
  • Alarm performance benchmarking
  • Wireless alerts and instant access to KPIs from mobile devices
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Flexible shift scheduling

The information can be used to increase uptime, improve planned maintenance, streamline processes and perform comparisons geographically in order to maximise operational performance.


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