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Wind Farm SCADA Systems (Wind SCADA)

Using the pan, tilt and zoom functionality in the 3D display, operators can click on a turbine and monitor performance by accessing a range of real-time data.

The system displays the turbine components in a 3D graphical format and automatically records the turbine availability, generation, and fault data in real-time.

The wind farm SCADA system offers seamless and open OPC connectivity and the dashboards can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

ITS offers ICONICS’ wind farm SCADA systems, enabling users to monitor and control remote operations and turbines in real-time. Users can access accurate, up-to-the-minute information including live weather and meteorological updates as well as fully configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Comparing production reports against historical information helps towards achieving accurate forecasts.

ICONICS’ wind farm SCADA systems, designed and integrated by ITS, provide users with rich 2D and 3D GEO SCADA visualisation and reports with integrated real-time and historical geographical terrain maps, and a quick overview of multiple operations and plants located anywhere in the world. Deployed and personalised over the web and delivered to any platform, the wind farm SCADA system software is enabled via Microsoft SharePoint® and Silverlight® technology.

Based on ICONICS’ GENESIS64™ and designed for open connectivity via OPC, Modbus, BACnet and IEC61400-25, the wind SCADA system software allows for the integration of equipment, process and business data into a single unified plant operations’ view, and provides command and control of the wind farm operation. Users are provided with a reliable, secure and instant response to energy, environmental and business demands.

GEO SCADA is a core technology in ICONICS’ wind farm SCADA systems combining scalable mapping technology with classic supervisory control and data acquisition. For operations with geographically dispersed assets, GEO SCADA offers real-time, scalable, secure visualisation and tracking of assets and wind turbines via GPS coordinates.

ICONICS' unique SmartPin™ technology allows for an intuitive drill-down capability to quickly view alarm conditions and status for any location around the world. Within seconds, asset and turbine performance, issues, or alarm conditions can be identified and located through integration with Microsoft's Bing® Maps.


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